Invitation for Public Comments on the Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2020.

Government of India Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Competition Section) Invitation for Public Comments on the Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2020. Ministry of Corporate Affairs had constituted a Competition Law Review Committee (CLRC) under the Chairmanship of Secretary, Corporate Affairs in October, 2018 to review and recommend a robust Competition regime by taking the inputs of key stakeholders, and suggest changes in both the substantive and procedural aspects of law. Based on comprehensive review of all relevant issues, the Committee had submitted its report to the Government in July, 2019 and recommended certain amendments to the act and subordinate legislations.

2. Accordingly, a Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2020 has been drafted for carrying out amendments in the Competition Act, 2002.

3. Public comments are therefore hereby solicited on the draft Competition (Amendment) Bill , 2020. Copy of the CLRC Report, Competition Act, 2002 as well as Draft Competition (Amendment) Bill may be accessed at the web link mentioned below and comment s. if any. may be submitted online therein by end of business hours on 06th March. 2020 positively.

4. Stakeholders may please note that comments should not be sent separately through e-mail or hard copy and should be sent only through the web link created for the purpose.

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