Basic Details and Documents required for Registration of Private Limited Company. 

Basic details to be obtained from clients:

1. Name of company desired, atleast 2 to 3 options.

2. Number of subscribers.

3. Number of directors.

4.Time limit in which the company needs to be incorporated.

5. Authorised and subscribed Share capital of the company.

6. No of shares to be alloted for each subscriber.

7. Phone no & E-mail I'd of all directors and subscribers.

Basic documents to be obtained from client:

All the documents has to be self attested and to be certified.

1. Pan and adhaar of all the subscribers and directors.

2. Proof of identity of subscribers and directors any one of the following:

a. Voter id

b. Driving licence

c. Passport

3. Present & permanent addresses of directors & subscribers are different then obtain both addresses.

4. Period of stay in the given addresses.

5. Proof of address of subscribers and directors any one of the following:

a. Bank statement

b. Electricity bill

c. Telephone bill

d. Mobile bill

(Note : The above bills should be latest of two months)

Documents to be prepared and get it signed from the clients :

1. Inc - 9 - Declaration by subscriber's and first director's.

2. Dir - 2 - Consent to act as a director.

3. Inc - 8 - Declaration by professional.

4. Affidavit stating non acceptance of deposits. (stam paper - Rs.20 & Notary)


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